Stop. Right now. Breathe. Feel your body and your heart. Listen to its beat and move your body. Dance to the freedom!

Zuzana Burdanova

Zuzana Burdanova is a passionate dancer, travel agency owner and space holder for Ceremonial Dance including Ecstatic Dance, 5 Elements Dance, and Sacred dance for women. Zuzana believes that dance can bring us to a state of inner liberation where we can expand our perception and shift our paradigm. She believes the Nature is calling us to live more sustanaibly and more united. Dancing is an ancient tool to connect to the earth through sacred geometry, to connect to the sky. She is the founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Bratislava, Ecstatic Dance Hainburg and Ecstatica – Contemporary Rituals. The intention of her events Ecstatica – Conscious Gatherings is to create and hold a sacred space where people can come together to come in tune with themselves, connect with the community, align with the cycles of nature, the Mother Earth. At some point of her work she realised the importance of working ceremonially. The reason why people came to her events was that they would elevate their spirit or feel more empowered in their movement or become more flowing or intuitive in their life. 

She has been always passionate about community building and has been developing vision and building awareness for the Lucid Garden/Manamana community centre in Hainburg connecting the Slovak, Czech and Austrian dance tribes in one place.

Zuzana Burdanova is also a life purpose coach and theta healer. She helps men and women to reconnect with the unique expression of their soul, crystallize the vision of their life mission and manifest the life they envision. Before working in the field of sacred dance & healing, Zuzana studied Development Economics at the University in Vienna and worked in a development consultancy in London. From there she travelled to work on development projects in the third world. During her work and travels in Asia and South America, she explored and came into contact with various indigenous sacred and temple dances and indigenous tribes which became a big inspiration for her work. She sees dance as an offering, meditation, medicine. Her qualifications include Mystical Dance Teacher Training with Monika Nataraj, Thailand, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training, Goa, Kundalini Yoga according to Yogi Bhajan Teacher Training, CZ/SK, Theta Healing, Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practicioner. Apart from guiding people into their inner world she also runs a tour agency guiding people through the external world of  Bratislava for the past 10 years.

Denisa Sterbova

Brazil, Flamenco in Spain. Passionate photographer.

Facilator of Pelvic Floor Yoga, Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practicioner. Denisa runs a travel agency and freelances as a guide. She has been guiding people around South America, especially Brazil that is precious to her hear.